from nothing.




Words by Mercer May - his attorney.

Art defines. A flame has no shadow and art has no meaning. So what does it define? Everything? Or nothing? I tend to believe that the art we buy, create, and consume refines our understanding of our own humanity - our own ego. When I look at his art that adorns massive walls all along the East Coast during my travels, I understand my ego better - if even just for that moment. Each piece is littered with thoughtfulness, painted with stories - both real and surreal - and carved from the memories of a journeyman. Basquiat’s ferocity, playfulness, and pain; Van Gogh’s colors, imagery, and prose; Lichtenstein’s pop, flatness, and gravitas. His art is the descendent of these disciples, the re-naturalization of 20th Century radicalism in new-millennium form. I’ve watched his art evolve, revolve, devolve, and resurrect. I expect it always will.

As Humble’s attorney, I must advise you to buy his art. I’m also taking clients.