from nothing.

The Calm Before

Location: Workhouse Art Center, Lorton, Northern Virginia.

Dimensions: 8ft x 12ft

Project Timeline: 3 Hours

Goal: Produce a sellable (sold) work of art on a large scale in a limited amount of time for the Workhouse Mural Project.

Concept: I chose a scene that depicted turbulence and serenity. Amidst the chaos of the crashing waves and flow of the body of the heron, there is a sense of determination and confidence. This was speaking outwardly during a time of personal turbulence in my life. As a full-time traveling artist and designer, I am often finding that my personal life takes a backseat - I have to make sacrifices accordingly. The pressure of time-constraint on this specific project was also a learning process. I had three hours to calmly create a piece that was representative of my skill and concept-creating ability. I chose to pull an image from my head with no pre-worked ideas or concept creation in order challenge my art-creating process.